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Inclusion of young people in the Mediterranean area: the Amesci Foundation in Lebanon for the meeting between RESMYLE partners

An assessment of the actions carried out in view of the closure of the RESMYLE project scheduled for August 2023

The 8 partners of the international project RESMYLE - Rethinking employment and social inclusion for Mediterranean youth through local sustainable development, funded by the ENI CBC MED 2014-2020 Program, met in the Lebanese city of Tyr on 1st and 2nd February 2023.

The objective of the two days of debate, which sees the participation of a steering committee made up of representatives for each of the partner’s project coming from France, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon, is to analyze the work carried out and the actions put in place to be able to program the last semester of RESMYLE project activities and optimize the capitalization of the project, facilitating the exchange with other experiences by improving the dissemination of results.

The Amesci Foundation, at the forefront of the implementation of the project on the Italian territory through actions aimed at promoting the social and professional integration of Mediterranean young people, in particular those with fewer opportunities, takes part in the committee with Guido Spaccaforno, contact person of the training and projects.

Data pubblicazione: 31/01/2023






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